Proper legal consultation is vital to the health of your business.  Have you ensured you have adequatley protected your business from legal stand point? Before entering into a sales contract, employing staff, joining a franchise or signing a commercial lease employ the services of someone who is looking out for your intrests and who can fully explain the challenges or risks you are about to embark on when you sign that contract.

Every business should enlist the services of a Lawyer. An Accountant is usually automatically engaged however a Lawyer is often over looked until its too late.  Most small businesses put off hiring a lawyer until they are standing at the door being served with a summons.

The time to use the services of a good business lawyer is before you have been served with a summons and complaint, it's too late if the problem has already occurred, now it's just a question of how much you will have to pay in court costs, legal fees, settlements and other expenses to get the problem resolved.

How can we help?

Byford Legal provides legal services and advice in the following areas:

  • Preparation of standard forms for contracts, employees, customers, clients & suppliers
  • Review & respond to contracts and documents you are asked to sign
  • Business structure
  • Real estate leases for commercial space such as offices, factories and retail stores.
  • Protecting intelectual property
  • Succesion planning

For a legal consultation, please contact us today.